• Strategic Plan 2019–2024

Hello MHC Team, Partners and Friends, on behalf of the Manitoulin Health Centre’s (MHC) Board of Directors, I am very proud to present our next strategic plan, “Patient-Centred Care, Through Quality and Collaboration.”


It is a reflection of the many thoughts and feedback received from a broad group of our internal and external stakeholders.  


Collectively, we have much to be proud of. Our humble collaborative beginnings started with the Manitoulin Island Network of Care Providers. The success from which prompted the development of other collaborative efforts such as our Manitoulin Hospice Palliative Care group, our Mental Health and Addictions group, our Information Technology group and finally to complete our circle, our Collaborative Leadership group.


We have made a difference to patient care on Manitoulin. Together, we’ve standardized care practices around wound care and IV therapy, for example. We’ve improved care processes such as e-referrals between local care providers and, with our Physiotherapy Partner, we’ve expanded those services right here, at home. 


We have also left a few infrastructure legacies for patient generations to come. The Manitoulin Central Family Health Team was built adjacent to our Mindemoya MHC site. We have renovated the Emergency Department at the Little Current site to reflect best practices and we’ve added two beautiful palliative suites to support families and loved ones.


Our work is definitely not done, this next five-year strategic plan focuses on what is needed to support future patient care on Manitoulin. The MHC team looks forward to diving in and breathing life into our three overarching directions: Grounding quality in patient experiences, Reflecting FN culture within our care practices and Unleashing the power of leadership in all of us. What is also important to note is that we are concurrently renewing our commitment to our values of RESPECT, PASSION and TRUTH. Our future decisions and activities will be guided by our Directions and Values.


I invite you to review our strategic plan and join with us, as we continue our very important work.



Lynn Foster
President and CEO
Manitoulin Health Centre

Patient-Centred Care, Through Quality and Collaboration

Our Vision 

Putting patients first, as we lead and collaborate with our partners

Our Mission

To contribute to the health and well-being of all who come to us in need

Our Values

    Icon of shaking hands representing "respect".

    We embrace differences, honour beliefs and respond with kindness and care.

    Icon of a heart and flame representing "passion".

    We are driven to go above and beyond in what we do and how we do it.

        Icon of a compass representing "truth".

        We are true to ourselves, our responsibilities and we do the right thing.

              Our Strategic Directions


              • Ground quality in patient experiences
              • Reflect First Nations culture within our care practices
              • Unleash the power of leadership in all of us

              Our Strategic Goals


              • Weave quality into all areas of operation
              • Improve physical space and flow
              • Strengthen cultural awareness, competence and safety
              • Reach for a unified organizational culture
              • Make a difference through targeted skill and knowledge transfer
              • Influence and implement health system transformation