• Supporting Cultural Diversity

MHC entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Local Aboriginal Health Access Centre, Noojmowin Teg Health Services.


Noojmowin Teg has agreed to provide education, supporting activities, and other such expert services that facilitate cultural competencies and promote a culturally safe environment at MHC. 


Manitoulin Health Centre (MHC) has integrated elements of Traditional Healing and Spiritual Ceremonies into the everyday care programs at both hospital sites. There are policies in place that facilitate Ceremonies, the use of Traditional Healers and Medicines, and there is a Spiritual Room that’s been created at the Little Current Hospital site and the Naandwe Gamik at the Mindemoya site to host ceremonies and traditions.


Patients and their families who wish to perform a smudging ceremony need only ask the nursing staff and it can be easily arranged.


For a Traditional Healer to be involved in their care, the patient may ask someone from their community to participate. This gives the patient the choice and ensures that the patient is both comfortable and familiar with the Healer. The Noojmowin Teg Traditional Team & Healer are also available for inpatients to access as requested.


Traditional Medicines may also be introduced into the care plan. The nursing staff and physician will note the medicines being requested and work with the patient and Traditional Healer to make sure there are no potential interactions with other medicines/drugs in use.


The Spiritual Room at the Little Current site is located next to the acute care area. The Naandwe Gamik at the Mindemoya site is located in the corridor between the hospital and Family Health Team.  They are used for ceremonies, prayer, family meetings, and are available for use as needed. There is a separate air flow exhaust from these rooms, so smudging can be organized very quickly and with no interruption to the hospital’s fire alarm system. The hospice suites at both sites are equipped to accommodate ceremonies such as smudging. 


MHC continues to seek out additional methods of improving cultural competence of our employees and environment, in an effort to provide a culturally safe environment for all who come to us in need.