Executive Compensation Plan

I. Philosophy

Executive compensation and benefits are designed and provided in alignment with MHC’s compensation philosophy:

Legal framework – to respect and ensure compliance with legal obligations, both contractually and in regards to relevant legislation

Fiscal responsibility – to be diligent in the stewardship of public funds by setting a reasonable budget for compensation within MHC’s financial resources.

Equity – to ensure fairness in the comparison of positions within the executive team.

Strategic plan – to ensure the execution of MHC’s mission, vision to ‘lead and collaborate within our health care environment’ and strategic directions.  

Recruitment – to recognize the rural, northern and remote aspect of MHC’s location and enable MHC to maintain a meaningful degree of competitiveness with the relevant external labour market in order to attract experienced, qualified and competent candidates.

Retention – to ensure continuity in executive leadership over the medium and long term.

Responsibility – to ensure accountability to delegated duties.

Performance – to drive performance to achieve expectations and goals.

Complexity of operations – to recognize the complexities of Manitoulin Island including the large geography and the political reality of 7 separate first nations communities and 12 municipalities, the complexities resulting from MHC’s two (equivalent) sited hospital model, and the Manitoulin Health Collaborative.

External linkages – to influence public policy and decisions through a broader strategic leadership role in the region and beyond (e.g. LHIN- 13, OHA,  MoH, other government officials)  driving the value proposition to MHC from the perspective of operational and patient care impacts.

II. Selection of Comparator Organizations

The maximum salary and performance-based pay that an executive may be paid is determined by selecting at least eight comparator organizations.  Compensation (salary plus performance-based pay) will target the 50th percentile of the market/comparator group for positions comparable to executive positions held at MHC.

The comparator group will be representative of the organizations with which MHC competes for executive talent.  An organization may be selected if it is comparable to MHC with respect to most or all (at least 3 out of 5) of the following factors:

The scope of responsibilities of the organization’s executives.

Organizations with similar complexity of operations and expectations of executives with respect to external linkages.

The type of operations the organization engages in.

Multi-sited organizations.

The industries within which the organization competes for executives.

Organizations that are hospitals.

The size of the organization.

The comparator group will reflect a balance of  larger and smaller organizations. Eg. organizations with budgets nominally in the range of 0.5 to 2 times MHC’s annual operating budget, inpatient and ER volumes, etc.


The location of the organization.

Organizations that are in Ontario.



Selected comparator organizations:

All comparator organizations are hospitals in Ontario.


Selected comparator organizations: Selected comparator organizations
Hospital Multi-site Size CEO Maximum Possible Pay VP Maximum Possible Pay






Listowel Wingham Hospital Alliance





Hanover and District Hospital






Renfrew Victoria Hospital & St. Francis Memorial Hospital






Almonte General Hospital












Wellington Health Care Alliance





MICs Group of Health Services






Hopital de Mattawa Hospital






Perth and Smith Falls District Hospital





Stevenson Memorial Hospital






Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win Health Centre






III. Maximum salary and performance-related pay calculation:


The maximum possible salary and performance-related pay allowable is calculated at the 50th percentile of the comparator organizations:


CEO: $217,885

VP: $144,066


MHC current maximums ie at the time of public posting of the program:


CEO: $192,390

VP: $141,442


The current maximum possible pay for the CEO and VP positions is less than the maximum established under the Broader Public Sector Executive Compensation Framework.