What makes Ruth a MHC HealthCare Champion?


According to Debbie, Ruth's Manager, "Ruth 100% of the time is willing to go the extra mile for Manitoulin Health Centre. We can call her in the middle of the night or on her time off and she’s always ready and willing to support Manitoulin Health Centre, her coworkers and community. Ruth is extremely dependable and has a winning attitude. I can’t thank Ruth enough for all the support she provides to her team."


Ruth has been with MHC for over twenty years in the housekeeping department. When asked what it meant to Ruth to work at MHC, she summed it up in two words "The Staff!". Ruth went on to say she really enjoys coming to work each day at MHC because she has a chance to work with such incredible people.


THANK YOU RUTH for being a MHC HealthCare Champion!