What makes Lori a MHC HealthCare Champion?

According to the Board of Directors and Senior Team, "Lori goes above and beyond for the Board, the Senior Team and indeed the entire organization. We can always count on Lori to be there for the team. She is always willing to lend a hand, offer up suggestions and provide support where we need it. Thank you Lori for being such an integral part of the inner workings of MHC. Your contributions are invaluable."

Lori has been with MHC for close to 28 years. As a long serving employee, Lori has seen many changes throughout her years. The one thing that remains constant is the Team’s dedication to patient care. Lori is both honoured and proud to say that she is a member of the MHC Team, who come to work each and every day, working together to ensure that MHC delivers the best possible care to members of our community.

THANK YOU LORI for being a MHC HealthCare Champion!