What makes Ivy a MHC HealthCare Champion?


According to another member of the MHC staff, "Ivy has been a staff nurse for 16 years and has been filling in as diabetes nurse educator for 18 months. Ivy goes above and beyond to help her patients and provides support to patients in her role. She has helped many patients manage their health conditions and feel cared about. We thank Ivy for her compassion, patience and professionalism".


Ivy has been with MHC since Dec. 2008 as a Staff Nurse and more recently as a Diabetes Nurse Educator. Ivy appreciates the opportunity to work in both roles as it provides her a chance to work more closely with patients. Ivy loves being part of a great team looking after the health care needs of our patients and providing support to their families.


THANK YOU IVY for being a MHC HealthCare Champion!