ONE Health Information Technology Service is looking for a Chief Executive Officer

The vision for ONE Health Information Technology Service is to create a managed service organization that will improve the delivery of patient and family-centred care through ONE electronic health information system across northeastern Ontario. ONE stands for one person, one record, one system. 


Physicians, administrative and executive teams from the North-eastern Ontario hospitals have been working together for over four years to plan, build and launch this common system that will ultimately improve the way patients receive health care.


With 23 member hospitals across thousands of kilometers, ONE Health Information Technology Service is being built to meet the specific, common standards of the north-east Ontario region and is the one of the largest projects of this size, scale, and complexity in the province. The transition to ONE system will benefit everyone who gives, receives or supports the delivery of health care in north-eastern Ontario.


"We are looking for a CEO to continue this exciting, innovative, challenging and collaborative journey by leading the next phase of the ONE Health Information Technology Service transformation, and to lead the organization’s continued growth and success as an operating entity."


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