Manitoulin Health Centre Responds to Emergency Order

Manitoulin Health Center (MHC) is here to provide care to the residents of Manitoulin Island.

Along with Island partners, MHC has been preparing for a COVID surge here since last spring. Fortunately, to date, there has not been any need for extra beds on the second floor of the Little Current site or the Field Hospital. However, the situation is not as good elsewhere in the Province and that will affect MHC.

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and the hospitals within it are experiencing an alarming surge of critically ill COVID-19 patients. Large hospitals within the outskirts of the GTA, are accepting COVID-19 patients from the GTA and have had to expand their field hospitals and increase ICU capacity. To accommodate the influx of patients, southern Ontario hospitals are beginning to transfer COVID and non-COVID patients to hospitals across the province, including our northern hospitals with intensive care units (ICUs). This is done to save lives and to create capacity to continue care across the province.

Other hospitals such as MHC have been asked to be prepared to accept patients outside our usual region to assist in this effort. The goal is to make sure that MHC continues to be prepared for a surge here, but also that MHC helps to make sure that the hospitals our sickest and injured patients are referred to continue to be able to accept our patients.

In order to ensure the safety of patients and the community, as well as prepare for the potential transfer of increased number of patients, MHC has opened additional beds on the second floor of the Little Current site in preparation for the receipt of patients. Currently, it is anticipated that the patients transferred will be COVID negative patients. Both sites of MHC are on standby to receive additional patients from across the region. The Field Hospital preparedness team has been alerted. Our community health care partners have been advised.

Paula Fields and Tim Vine, Interim Co-CEO’s of the Manitoulin Health Centre said “the Management and Staff of the Little Current and Mindemoya locations of the Manitoulin Health Centre wish to remind the public to remain calm. It is important that MHC does its part to ensure critical care capacity in the system, so that Islanders needing a higher level of care than what MHC can offer can get that care. To help maintain capacity here and elsewhere, all Islanders must continue to be diligent about following the guidelines as set out by the Public Health Authority”.

These include:

  • When eligible receive your COVID-19 vaccine
  • Follow the provincial stay at home order
  • Wash your hands often and when visibly dirty for 15 seconds;
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with your arm or a tissue, throw the tissue in the
  • garbage and immediately wash your hands;
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth;
  • Limit your contacts and in-person interactions as much as possible;
  • Maintain social distancing at least 6’ apart;
  • Wear face coverings if distancing is not possible;
  • Stay home if you are unwell and get tested.

The public is reminded that both MHC emergency departments remain open for emergencies. If you are not well, we want to see you. All those who come to MHC for care must be screened upon entry and wear a medical grade face covering. If you required immediate medical attention, contact 911. 

If you are concerned you have been exposed or are at risk of exposure to COVID-19, you are encouraged to schedule an appointment with the local assessment centre.

Contact information for the local assessment centre is as follows:

Little Current COVID-19 Assessment Centre,

Little Current Hospital (705) 368-2300

Mindemoya Hospital COVID-19 Assessment Centre,

Mindemoya Hospital (705) 377-5311


Paula Fields

Co-CEO, Manitoulin Health Centre

(705) 368-2300

Tim Vine

Co-CEO, Manitoulin Health Centre

(705) 368-2300